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Paradigm Bespoke Rigs

Paradigm Easy-Erect Rigs - superior quality mirror systems for permanent installations.

Bespoke systems at standard prices.  How do we do it? 

Our state-of-the-art parametric 3D CAD system allows us to design & build individual systems at standard prices!

Paradigm Rear-Pro Rigs solve the age old problem of using assorted mirrors and improvised mounts and frames - not to mention lost on-site hours of engineers, struggling to achieve alignment. The Rear-Pro Rig solution is a single integrated unit of unequalled quality, practicality and value - engineered and aligned to a tolerance within +/- 1mm. Designed and manufactured to compliment all rearpro applications.

Use Paradigm Rear-Pro Rigs with Paradigm recommended dnp optical screens and we guarantee your image quality.

Paradigm's ViewFlex Mirror System is a flexible and accurate way of correcting the abberations and geometry of optical mirrors to provide a true image. With the ViewFlex system hard-edge blending of multiple images become easily achievable, avoiding expensive computerised soft edge blending techniques and losing some pixel area.


Engineered and aligned to a tolerance within +/- 1mm.
Ease of assembly.
Rigs minutely adjustable for precision alignment.
Designed and manufactured to order.
Comprise of optical mirrors, projector mounts and all interconnecting framework.
Includes all design, CAD drawings and documentation.
Option of factory pre-delivery acceptance tests.
Full delivery and installation also available.


All products subject to specification change without notice. All products sold within our Terms and Conditions, a copy of which is available upon request.