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Paradigm Pepper's Ghost

Holographic projection system

Pepper's Ghost refers to a large scale, holographic projection system based on an illusionary technique named after John Henry Pepper. The technique was first demonstrated in the 1860s and has now been brought up-to-date using video projection techniques.

It is now a high definition video-based 3D projection system that allows for spectacular free-form 3D holographic-type animated images to appear within a live stage setting with live stream allowing for live events in multiple locations. 

This large scale, 3D holographic projection system is suitable for PR and sponsorship events, product launches, conferences, exhibitions, museums, clubs, theatrical productions and large scale installations, comprises of a frame of truss format, a special foil to create this holographic effect, foil mirror and projector.


  • HD video based 3D-projection system.
  • Allows holographic-type animated images to be displayed.
  • Large scale system allows for life-like, life-size images to be displayed.
  • Custom systems can be constructed for specific projects.
  • Systems available for rental, ideal for exhibitions and PR events.


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Pepper's Ghost